Crooked Room is a professional recording studio on the outskirts of York. Built on a farm in Strensall 10 years ago, the studio is designed to provide a relaxed and professional recording environment. At the heart of the studio is a 24 channel Soundcraft Ghost console providing more than enough channels to record even a large band entirely live. The studio consists of a main live room, a small live room and two vocals booths / amp rooms. This allows artists to record anything from intimate acoustic songs to full band performances.

Crooked Room offers full recording services from pre-production all the way through to mastering the final record. We can also help you take your home recordings to the next level with our mixing service (this can be particularly useful for projects with a smaller budget). We also offer location recording: we will pack up a selection of the studio’s gear and bring it to you. That way you can record in an environment you know well and are comfortable in or record your next gig.

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Past Artists

The Howl & The Hum, Avalanche Party, Boss Caine, Jess Morgan, Hyde Family Jam, Amy May Ellis, Joel Whitaker, Bella Gaffney & Polly Bolton, Chris Helme, Charlie Swainston, Stillhouse, Heather Findlay, Sam Griffiths, Fossil Collective, Wes Finch, Ripley, Gluehorse, Alex Golisti, Luke Marzek, Asio’s Eyes, Noah Clouds, Glass Caves, Bloom, Bull, Charlie Tophill, David Sanders, The Bronze, Katie Lou McCabe, Zak Ford, Luuna…………

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your project, or you can fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


8 hour standard day. Longer days available if booked in advance.

Evening / night sessions available though the cutoff for recording drums is 10pm.

Engineer included.

Mixing charged at £20 per song.

Discount available for multiple days: just get in touch and we’ll give you a quote.

£150 per day (8hrs)
£20 per hour (min. 3hrs)

£12.50 p/hr
Per song / Ep / Album – get in touch for a quote


Unlimited revisions. We’re dedicated to fulfilling your artistic vision.

Sit in on a session. Oversee the development of your mix.

EP / Album discounts available, just get in contact with some details and we’ll give you a quote.

For a per song / EP / Album price please get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

£12.50 p/hr
Per song / Ep / Album – get in touch for a quote

Location Recording

We’ll bring our portable setup to you. Record in the comfort of your home or record your next gig.

Get in touch to discuss your project.

£160 per day (plus travel)
£20 per hour (plus travel)

£100 per day

Studio Hire

Hire the studio without the in-house engineer.

Bring in your own engineer or do it yourself. Great if you record at home and want a great live room to track your drums, for instance, or access to a large range of high quality microphones and high quality preamps.

Reduced rates available for regular bookings or block booking.

£100 per day

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The Howl & The Hum – I Wish I Was A Shark

Boss Caine – 'Loved by trouble, troubled by love' album preview.

Amy May Ellis – Hullabaloo


Next Steps…

For all bookings or inquiries just get in touch using the contact form below or give us a call.


Desk & Monitors

Soundcraft Ghost 24 Mixing Desk

Yamaha HS80m Monitors

Blue Sky 2.1 Monitors w/Sub


Focusrite Liquid 56

Focusrite PRO40 (x2)

M-Audio ProFire 2626

Computer / Software

MacMini i7

Logic Pro X & Pro Tools 11

Waves Plugins: CLA Classic Compressors, DBX 160, Kramer PIE, Puigchild, J37 Tape, Reel ADT, RBass, V-EQ4, H-EQ, H-Delay, L2, MaxxVolume, Vocal Rider, Bass Rider…..

Slate Digital: VBC, VCC, VTapeMachine & Trigger 2

Sound Toys 5 including: Decapitator, EchoBoy & Crystallizer ect.



SE Gemini II, Se Z5600a, 2x Se 2200a, 2x Se 3, 2x Sontronics STC1, 2x Oktava 012


Se Voodoo VR1 ribbon, Se R1 ribbon


Shure SM7b, Sennheiser MD441, Sennheiser MD421, EV RE320, Beyer M201, AT AE2500, EV N/D 468, SM57s, Sennheiser e604s


Avalon Channel Strip Vt737sp

Focusrite Liquid Channel

Yamaha PM100 2-Channel Preamp

TC Electronics M350

Lexicon MX400 Reverb/Effects Unit

Drawmer MX30 Dual Gate/Compressor/Limiter

WEM Copicat Super IC Tape Delay


Mapex Pro M Drum Kit w/Snare

80’s Gretsch Drum Kit w/Snare

Sabian & Zildjian Cymbals

Premier Marching Snare

Fender Jaguar Bass

Fender Telecaster

Martin DRS1 Acoustic

Thürmer Upright Piano

Selmer Reed Organ


Se Reflection Filter

Behringer Powerplay Pro-8 Headphone Amp

Mackie PA system

Beyerdynamic DT770 Headphones (x4)


Please feel free to leave us a message if you have any questions or want to book some time at the studio. If you’d rather chat then give us a call.