Crooked Room Studio is an independent recording studio based on a farm in Strensall just outside York. The rural surroundings provide the perfect setting for being creative and capturing your ideas without distraction. The studio boasts a great sounding live room with more than enough space to have the whole band play together along with a medium sized booth and two vocal/amp booths. This flexibility means we can facilitate even a large band and still maintain good isolation. The control room is centred around a Soundcraft Ghost 24 and has clear line of sight into each of the tracking rooms. We also have a large kitchen/lounge area so you can hang out between takes or make tea and coffee to keep you going.

The studio takes from the best of the analogue world while keeping the flexibility of modern computer based recording. With a Soundcraft Ghost 24 at the heart of it and a selection of industry standard microphones and preamps the studio has everything you need to record anything from your first demos to your next album.

Crooked Room offers full recording services from pre-production all the way through to mastering the final record. We can also help you take your home recordings to the next level with our mixing service (this can be particularly useful for projects with a smaller budget). We also offer location recording: we will pack up a selection of the studio’s gear and bring it to you. That way you can record in an environment you know well and are comfortable in or record your next gig.

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